If you are selling your home, you must show the buyer what energy label your home has. If you don't, you can be fined. Your energy advisor determines the price of the energy label.

You can find an advisor in our EP register. This register lists all the names of certified companies and qualified professionals and advisors who are authorized to issue an energy label. However, not all companies offer this service to individuals. So you may have to approach several companies before you find one that can issue an energy label for your home.

We started a mail campaign to all companies in our register, in which we hope to give better insight into this soon.

Establishing the energy label involves five steps:
  • You search for an energy advisor in our EP register.
  • The energy advisor visits you to determine the features of your home. The visit takes 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on how easy or difficult the features are to find.
  • The energy advisor registers the energy label in the EP-online database.
  • You receive a copy (pdf) of the label from the advisor.
  • The label is valid for 10 years. On Find your energy label the registered label can be found, together with the date until which the label is valid.
  • Read more on Sellers and energy label.

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