The Centraal Register Techniek (Central Register for the Technology Sector) was created through a collaboration between various organisations. These are our social partners:

These organisations want specialist companies and specialist professionals to be able to show which qualifications they have more easily. The first step is to register the large quantity of schemes, diplomas and certificates reliably, safely and with accreditation.


Wij Techniek (before OTIB), the development fund of the technical Installation sector, finances the Centraal Register Techniek commissioned by the social partners and the employers and employees organizations.

Data suppliers

We work closely with certification bodies, examination institutes, scheme managers and trainers in the technical and construction sectors. They provide data on certificates, qualifications and career opportunities. Their input is an essential condition for keeping the Centraal Register Techniek reliable and up to date. The database therefore is in shared ownership.

Professionals, specialist companies and clients

We work together with specialist companies, clients and professionals to make our products as good as possible for them. Because they will soon be working with our products and services, they help us to set them up so that they are as smart and as user-friendly as possible. We do this, for example, by setting up focus groups for specialist companies, specialist professionals and clients. This allows us to better meet the various needs with our products.

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